Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Good Morning Drill Sergeant... I Mean Sir?

Memorize officer and enlisted ranks. There will be a test later and you will be sorry if you don't pass!

This is something that you can do here and now. There are many mistakes you can make in basic training but calling an LT. a sergeant because you cant identify rank is a good way to get noticed and not in a the way you'd like. There are many rank charts plastered all over the internet but a better one can be found on Memorizing rank now will give you more time to concentrate on other things and trust me, there's a lot to learn in basic training and anything you can do here and now to get better prepared will help you in the long run.

Staff Sergeant Brito is a recruiter with the California Army National Guard. He is a veteran of thirteen years of both the US Army and Army National Guard. He can be reached via email at He has posted numerous videos on about preparing for Basic Training. Click here to view them