Monday, September 6, 2010

Don't Be A Spotlight Trainee

These types of personalities exist in all facets of life and the military is no exception. Whenever there’s work to be done, if the drill sergeant is around then private Joe Snuffy seems to be a real team player and is always ready to lend a hand but once there’s no supervision, he’s only in it for himself. There’ll be many times in Basic Training that you’ll be tasked with responsibilities that seem uncomfortable or inconvenient. Things like guard duty, barracks maintainence or  fireguard. A favorite of the Joe Snuffy type is to schedule himself at the beginning or end of fireguard as to not interrupt his sleep. Don’t be this kind of trainee. If you’re tasked with cleaning the toilet, don’t complain about it, just do it. Being in the military is all about teamwork. If you can’t be counted on to accomplish the little things, how you be counted on to the complete the important mission. When Private Snuffy types are discovered, they soon find out what the term “PT Smoking” really means. Doing the right thing when no one is looking is the difference between being an excellent soldier and one who wants to just get by.

Staff Sergeant Brito is a recruiter with the California Army National Guard. He is a veteran of thirteen years of both the US Army and the Army National Guard. He can be reached via email at Staff Sergeant Brito has posted numerous videos on about preparing for Basic Training. Click here to view them